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Do you have resources to help me teach my class about the environment?

The quickest and easiest way to find resources that will help teach your students about the environment is the EPA Teacher Resources webpage. This site has available publications, and other information, such as projects, that can be printed and be of help to your students: http://www2.epa.gov/students/lesson-plans-teacher-guides-and-online-resources-educators 

Also, many of the EPA Offices have their own pages for kids and student resources. For your convenience, we have listed some below: 

Below is a list of some of the free EPA educational documents you may wish to download or request.

EPA 100R98100     Children's Environmental Health Yearbook
EPA 402F00011     Indoor Air Quality Tools For Schools Roadmap
EPA 530F92003     Recycle: You Can Make A Ton Of Difference
EPA 530F03056     Be Waste Aware - Waste Reduction Resources and Tools For Students
EPA 530K00001     Trash and Climate Change: Planet Protectors Discover the Hidden Reasons to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Children's Activity Books
EPA 530K95005     Don't Trash It! Super Fun Children's Activity Book
EPA 843F99001     Unlocking the Secrets of America's Wetlands {activity book}
EPA 530K99006     Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the 1st Place! {activity book}
EPA 735F98016     Help! It's a Roach! Roach Prevention Activity Book for Kids
EPA 430K00002     Mission: Sunwise {activity book}
EPA 842F93007     Environmental Education Activity Kit
EPA 905K94001     ABC's of Environmental Education
EPA 530E98004     Planet Protectors Club {complete kit}
EPA 530E03001     Make a Difference {middle school kit}
EPA 735F03002     Join Our Pest Patrol: A Backyard Activity Book for Kids on Integrated Pest Management

EPA 402H03001     What Can Trigger An Asthma Attack May Surprise You {Asthma Kitten Poster}
EPA 832H92002     How do we Treat our Wastewater? {middle school poster}
EPA 430H02001     Sunwise: Hello Family! Did you know... {grade 5-8} {poster}
EPA 735H94001     Danger Pesticides: Keep out {peligro pesticidas: no entre, plastic sign} {poster}{spanish}
EPA 735F94014     Save Our Species: Protecting Endangered Species From Pesticides {poster}
EPA 530H03002     Life Cycle of a CD {poster}
EPA 735H03002     Protect Children From Poisonings: Lock It Up! {poster}
EPA 823H01001     Do You Eat Fish? {poster}
EPA 842H02002     Estuaries: Where Rivers Meet the Sea {poster}
EPA 402H92001     Radon {Lung poster}

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