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How does EPA communicate with the public and seek comments on new or proposed regulations? How can I submit an official comment on proposed environmental regulations?

Many people get involved with EPA's regulations by submitting comments when we publish a proposed version in the Federal Register. You can submit comments on-line at Regulations.gov http://www.regulations.gov/ or you can make a submission via mail, e-mail, or EPA docket centers.

Often, you can get involved well before a proposed regulation is published, as well. And after a regulation is finalized, regulated entities (such as businesses, state governments, or individuals) can stay involved by learning how to comply.

EPA’s Get Involved with EPA Regulations website is a great resource where you can find out how to get involved with EPA’s environmental regulations: http://www2.epa.gov/laws-regulations/get-involved-epa-regulations 

On this page you can learn how to:

  • Comment on our regulations
  • Keep tabs on rulemakings
  • Read our Regulatory Agendas and Plans
  • Access our docket centers

You may also be interested in the EPA’s Basics of the Regulatory Process webpage:

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