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How can I search the EPA web site?

When searching the EPA Web site at http://www.epa.gov, we recommend you start with the search box at the top of each EPA Web page. Some of the Web pages allow you to specify if you would like to search "All EPA" Web sites or limit it to "This Area" of the Web site.

Here are useful ways to search and browse the EPA Web site:

Advanced Search  

You can use the Advanced Search feature on the site and specify any of the details you might find necessary for your results. Be sure to read the Search Help tips at http://nlquery.epa.gov/epasearch/help/index.html

The Browse EPA Topics Web page outlines many of the topics within EPA and allows you to directly link to related content: http://www.epa.gov/gateway/learn/ 

EPA maintains answers to frequent questions about many topics in searchable databases; in addition, many individual offices and programs maintain Frequent Questions Web pages.: http://www.epa.gov/epahome/faq.htm

If you are still unable to locate information, you may want to search other Internet resources.  Here are a few:


USA.gov is a very useful search tool for identifying additional resources from among the many U.S. Federal agencies.


USASearch.gov's advanced feature allows you to search by specific state or limit to only federal resources.


You can use your choice of online search engines such as Google, Yahoo or others. We recommend reading the advanced search tips for the search engine you are using prior to searching in order to optimize your search. Within Google, you can search "site:epa.gov YOUR TERM HERE" and that will limit your results to resources on the EPA Web site only. 

For information on searching for Environmental Impact Statements, please view this Frequent Question:

How can I find Environmental Impact Statements?

External Links Disclaimer: Please be aware that links to non-EPA sites do not imply any official EPA endorsement. Furthermore, EPA does not accept any responsibility for the opinions, ideas, data or products presented at those locations, or guarantee the validity of the information provided. EPA does not guarantee the suitability of the information for any specific purpose.



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