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Is there a glossary of environmental terms? Where can I locate a definition for an EPA abbreviation or acronym?

EPA Terminology Services Home: http://ofmpub.epa.gov/sor_internet/registry/termreg/home/overview/home.do

EPA's Terminology Services are a suite of tools and services intended to address several issues related to information management. These areas are:

  • Understanding EPA: EPA programs often define terms and acronyms differently, or use different terms to mean the same thing. Understanding the terms we use is essential to properly interpret information used in decision making. To be transparent, EPA needs to provide access to its terminology.
  • Information Access: EPA expends significant resources collecting information. Making that information ‘findable’ requires that it be cataloged and indexed. Terminology Services provides the tools and services needed to develop and manage vocabularies used to catalog and index our information assets.
  • Semantic Web: We need to manage terminology to position the agency for the Semantic Web.

Terminology Services consists of:

  • Repository of environmental terms, their relationships, definitions, and relevant metadata (e.g., synonyms)
  • Tool for the creation and management of vocabulary resources 9e.g., glossaries, taxonomies, thesauri)*
  • Wiki-based platform for collaborative vocabulary development

Additionally, Terminology Services includes:

  • Access to key EPA vocabularies, including EPA’s Web Taxonomy
  • Web services to import and export vocabularies*
  • Ability to publish vocabularies in human and machine readable/open formats*
  • "My Glossaries" allows users to create customized glossaries
  • Training and documentation (i.e., best practices and FAQs) for developing vocabularies
  • Access to vocabulary development expertise
    *Synaptica KMS Software is utilized for these tasks.

EPA Terminology Services Terms & Acronyms: http://ofmpub.epa.gov/sor_internet/registry/termreg/searchandretrieve/termsandacronyms/search.do
(Browse EPA terms and acronyms alphabetically.)

EPA Terminology Services Vocabulary Catalog:
(The Vocabulary Catalog contains 193 vocabularies that support the EPA's missions and operations. These vocabularies can be browsed by topic, EPA office, or EPA region.)

Frequent Questions and Help with EPA Terminology Services can be found here:

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