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What are refurbished and remanufactured electronics?

According to the EPA New England Region Web pages, refurbishing is a “process of making ‘cosmetic’ changes to update the appearance of a product, such as cleaning, changing fabric, painting or refinishing. This term is often associated with used office furniture and differs from remanufacturing in that none of the structural parts of the product are replaced.”

Remanufacturing is the “process of restoring used durable products to ‘new’ condition, to be used in their original function, by replacing worn or damaged parts.” You can view these definitions at:  http://www.epa.gov/region1/assistance/reuse/def.html

For information on recycling electronics, please see the following frequently asked question: Where can I recycle old electronics, such as computers and mobile devices?

If you have additional questions on this topic, you may submit them to the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery through its Find an Answer or Ask a Question database. Although it is similar to this database, questions are answered by subject experts within the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery: http://waste.supportportal.com/

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