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Where can I find information on water quality criteria or standards?

The Office of Science and Technology (OST) within the Office of Water is the best source to help with water inquiries. This office not only offers information about water quality criteria and standards but also access to water quality tools, health advisories, industrial water pollution controls, training and financial assistance.

OST: Water Science, http://water.epa.gov/scitech/

Here are some of their Web pages which may interest you:

Water Quality Standards, http://water.epa.gov/scitech/swguidance/standards/index.cfm
Water Quality Standards - Basic Information, http://water.epa.gov/scitech/swguidance/standards/about_index.cfm
Laws and Regulations, http://water.epa.gov/scitech/swguidance/standards/wqsregs.cfm
National Water Quality Standards Database, (WQSDB), http://water.epa.gov/scitech/swguidance/standards/wqshome_index.cfm  
Water Quality Criteria, http://water.epa.gov/scitech/swguidance/standards/criteria/index.cfm
National Recommended Water Quality Criteria,  http://water.epa.gov/scitech/swguidance/standards/criteria/current/index.cfm

If you have questions about Water Quality Standards, please contact the Standards and Health Protection Division.

You can send mail to:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Water
Office of Science and Technology (4305T)
Standards and Health Protection Division
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

Email: WQSclearinghouses@epa.gov
Telephone: 202-566-0400

You may also e-mail comments and questions to the Office of Science and Technology or you may write them at the address listed below. They should be able to assist you with your request.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Water: OST (4301T)
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20460

Email: OST.Comments@epa.gov
Telephone: 202-566-0430

You can also submit comments online at: http://www.epa.gov/waterscience/comments.htm

If your question is regarding drinking water we recommend that you submit it to the Safewater Question/Answer Database, http://safewater.supportportal.com/

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